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GelCurler™️ Express Curl Kit (Ivory)

GelCurler™️ Express Curl Kit (Ivory)

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Save time and avoid damage from hot curlers with the world's first low heat GelCurler™️ that delivers salon-style curls hands-free in about an hour! 

Simply microwave the GelCurler™️ for about 30 seconds then apply it to your hair. You can go about your day while we work on the curl. Imagine making breakfast, doing your makeup, driving to work/school, or getting ready to go out at night all while your hair curls with no effort!

How to Use

1. Place the GelCurler into the Heat Protector and microwave for 30 seconds.

2. Clip the GelCurler at the crown of your head. Wrap hair away from face in 1-2" sections. Secure at bottom.

3. Wait 45+ mins (do your makeup, eat breakfast, drive to work...)

4. Remove GelCurler and gently brush out curls.

Shipping Time

Domestic (USA):
Standard (3-6 Days)
Express (2 Days)

Standard (6-10 Days to Most Major Markets)

Kit Includes

- GelCurler™️
- 2 Large Alligator Clips
- 2 Large Scrunchies
- Heat Protector (microwave use)
- Storage Pouch

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Ditch the damage

& take back your time in the morning

3 Easy steps to damage-free curls

  1. Microwave for 30 seconds
  2. Wrap hair & wait 45 mins
  3. Remove & reveal curls

Take back your mornings

Forget time-consuming overnight curls and hours in front of the mirror with a damaging curling iron. With the GelCurler you can sleep in and enjoy the look of your dreams in just 45 hands-free minutes. It’s fast, it’s simple, and it's built for convenience.