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About Us


What is Bunnies Hair:

Bunnies is an innovative hair brand. After seeing friends live in front of the mirror, damaging their hair with expensive products, we created Bunnies Hair to find a better way. We became innovators in hair care with a mission to make healthy, great looking hair accessible to everyone, even those with no time. We develop innovative curling kits that avoid damage from hot tools and save hours-per-week. They are hands-free, requiring just a few minutes to set up versus other options that take 30+ minutes in front of a mirror. We also offer uniquely crafted hair clips and accessories to quickly stylize your look.


What inspired the GelCurler™?

The GelCurler™ is a patent-pending, evolved version of the overnight curling kit. Ena (our founder) created one of the first overnight curling kits, the Bunny Blowout Kit, and loved how it kept her hair healthy. But, she and a lot of her customers wished they could get these damage-free curls but without the hassle of having to sleep with it in their hair (or having the discomfort of wearing it for 8 hours).

The breakthrough insight came when Ena was stuck at home during COVID, and using a hot/cold gel pack on an injury. One evening she was putting in her overnight curling kit while waiting to get the gel pack out of the microwave…and that’s when it hit her…“what if we could create the same tool, but one that works fast filled with warming gel beads?!”

She started experimenting in her mom’s kitchen buying products gel packs and beads, cutting up fabrics and plastics to make tubes, filling them with various heat-retaining materials, and testing ways to heat them. She started testing these frankenstein prototypes and to her surprise…it worked like magic! It curled her hair in less than an hour, hands free. No need to sleep in it overnight!

Now with one horrible, yet functioning, looking prototype and her mother’s kitchen covered in beads and gels, she knew she was onto something.


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